Monday, August 4, 2008

back from 8-4-08 never finished...grace enough to...

face the daily grind. to walk in the mundane with the Holy Spirit inside empowering to do the seemingly daunting tasks of life. i know this. however, i cannot stop focusing on who i am without. my heart is in a constant state of aching for the one i Love.

today i am melancholy, yet somehow hopeful. there is a heaviness that settled in between my shoulder blades as the clouds rolled in and brought their summer rain. and we need the rain here in this flat land... it's been really dry. we need to be saturated. the symbolism i am drawing from this is that i need to be saturated. i am becoming extremely and thirsty once again for the out pour of the Holy Spirits anointing on my life, day in and day out. and i realize that i must cling to the Anointed One, my beautiful Christ.

i got to see Stephanie yesterday:) she stirs up my spirit to keep running this race, to chase after the things of God, to go and grab a hold of God.