Saturday, March 10, 2012

Living for...


This is something I have been mulling over in my spirit for a while. Some of these thoughts are from my journal.

"Eternity is no place for struggle. The things that compete for our attention now have no place in eternity. Desperation for eternal perspective has to come to the people of God. We can become so complacent in the things of the Spirit but there is so much more for right now! MORE NOW! ETERNITY IS NOW! There is grace to forsake struggle right now because none of these things hold  a candle to Jesus.

Fasting and prayer: Jesus is worthy of us having no distractions! Our decisions are not inconsequential. The fruit of these decisions is fruit and greater awareness of the Holy Spirit. We choose to lose fruit in our lives when we ignore the grace given to us to live victorious lives.

This IS an adventure to us, but not to God, as in, He is sovereign over all things; nothing surprises Him! All of this uncharted territory we are walking in is new to us but it is not unfamiliar to God. ' Come up here, see what I see!' God is calling out to us to receive his sight, which is a new level of sight for us. Peace in chaos stems from this sight. A strong identity in an insecure world comes from this sight."

We can ask for his perspective and believe His word that says when we sow in the Spirit, we will reap in the spirit. We can believe that when we obey commands to fast and pray in the secret place, that it is productive by the Holy Spirit within us! HE is producing in US eternal things, including eternal perspective.

This is so encouraging!



Monday, March 5, 2012

Thankfulness list: 50 things

So, last night my hubby told me I should take the time today to write a thankfulness list. He told me to think of and write down 50 things I am thankful for. Last night I was not having a great night. I was comparing myself with other people, doubting my gifting and ability; it just wasn't good. He told me that gratitude will be my weapon when it comes to my insecurities; getting my eyes off of myself and onto God and all he has

So, today, I took my husband's advice and came up with 50 things I am thankful for. Let me tell you, I feel great! I feel so full of joy and I have a grateful heart for all of the things on this list, big and small. Thankfulness IS a powerful tool against our enemy who is trying to distract us all the time. THIS is a great way to spend a chunk of time, to re-focus, to just tell God all the things you are thankful for. My heart changed in about an hours time, being given to getting my eyes off of myself and onto HIM! I will type up my list so you can read it.

  1. a warm house
  2. food to eat everyday
  3. a loving and gracious husband
  4. great in-laws
  5. great parents
  6. great siblings
  7. technology-to keep in touch with people
  8. my relationship with God
  9. 2 part time jobs
  10. a great worship team
  11. humble leaders
  12. a thriving Church: Awesome home group!
  13. enough clothes
  14. vision
  15. worship music: the whole idea of songs to God!
  16. pianos 
  17. summer-time heat
  18. memories
  19. adventure

20. chicago: what a place!
21. coffee
22. bodies of water
23. air planes
24. weddings
25. make up
26. a washer and dryer in our basement
27. my ability to still run
28. the Bible
29. day planners
30. sticky notes
31. concerts
32. blogs
33. sermons
34. sunlight
35. books
36. my engagement ring
37. great friendships
38. education
39. wise counsel
40. laughter
41. great neighborhood
42. having a voice so that i can sing to God
43. responsibility
44. emotions
45. our car
46. chocolate
47. taste buds
48. fragrance : spring time air! NOT gallons of perfume! :)
49.  warm greetings: hugs and smiles
50. a good pair of winter mittens

there you have it! my thankfulness list! it is a great discipline if you are just in a negative place and you can't see the good. 

happy listing!