Thursday, October 22, 2009

i am lovesick for my Beloved.

i found this unfinished draft from 10/22/09. i can't help but get teary eyed when reading over the things i went through on the first year of the SOW. it really is remarkable all of the ways God prepared me for the unexpected of this past year. gadzooks. it's crazy actually! here is what i wrote just around a year and a half ago: "God is changing me. really. it's unbelievable. i am just so compelled in this season to love Him unreservedly. His grace is sufficient in all things and i am learning what this means. intimacy with Him is all that i desire. this is a hard season but the more pain i experience the more joy i experience. it's one of the miracles of Holy Spirit. i just love giving myself to the Word daily and taking it and memorizing it, getting it deep, deep, deep within. i am being established on truth. i give Him insecurity, He gives security. i give Him fear, He gives me faith. i give Him worry, He gives me peace. i give Him questions, He gives me deep trust. He is a good Daddy. i am just getting revelation daily. this gift of the School of Worship was exactly what i needed. it was so unplanned and just timely. theory and practice everyday:) "