Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Sometimes I feel like I am going in circles in life. Like the Isrealites when they had to go back around the mountain and through the dessert for ages and ages because they missed it. I am not feeling discouraged by this today because I can see so clearly the faithfulness of God to me that he will actually work with me until I actually get something. He won't just leave me as I am. If I need breakthrough in an area of life, He is committed to the process of seeing that breakthrough come to pass in my life. Sometimes I want to rush on through, or I can just feel like I am hitting my head against the same wall I've come up against a thousand times before.

But right now God has my attention.

I am recognizing that I have been here before, in similar circumstances with similar intensities and felt the same reactions in my heart and I am saying, " God, what do you want to speak to me right now? How do I need to respond differently this time? I don't want to miss what you are saying." I just feel that there is something different taking place.

What I am realizing is that God has newness for me; newness in my reactions, newness in my thinking and approaches to things, newness in my attitudes and intentions of my heart in situations, newness in relational depth, newness in my walk with Him, newness in serving. We can hear that 'God is making all things new' a lot in Christian spheres, so much so that we can almost wonder what exactly it means. Well, maybe not you but I have wondered what it means...

I am sensing that this time, for this season and in this location in the Body that I am in right now, God is bringing newness on all of these levels. A refinement of soul and spirit.

What I am trying to say is that
                                                  what has worked in the past is no longer working. 

Any familiar response that I grew accustomed to having before God and before God's people, God is asking me for a more extravagant one, an unfamiliar one, a NEW one. The ways that we have conceptualized God and how the Holy Spirit moves are too narrow for the season we are now in and we have to accept this, we have to see it for ourselves that we NEED NEW THINGS! We NEED MORE OF GOD in ways that we have yet to know, and we will see things we have yet to see.

I am left with a reach in my spirit. There is a reach in my soul.

                                               I am reaching for the more of God the Holy Spirit.

                                                                             I am reaching for the new of God.

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